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Website Design, Infographics, 
Visual Communication
Nov 2022

Project Objectives
How can I evolve (and expand) the tools of maps and mapping (data gathering, data visualization, information design, visual language, infographics) to communicate the characteristics and stories of a complex multi-layered narrative pertaining to an urban environment or community?

PHASE 1: Research
Walking a route consisting of fifteen stops from Providence Library to Wayland Square via Waterman Street, our group aggregated data pertaining to multiple sensory categories: visual, color, kinetic, auditory, conversation, and tactile, as well as mood/atmosphere.

PHASE 2: Data Visualization

Data is transformed into layers of infographics that creates a conjunction of visual interpretations and imageries. Each layer represents one aspect of our research along the path of our map. 

PHASE 3: Transform & Translate

After representing the data through various layers of visual maps as a second phase, we transformed our information and experience into a grid system overlaying a map of Providence. These cells serve as sensory windows/portals. We made manipulations, graphics, and visualizers for each location, capturing an instinctive and visceral representation of the surrounding environment. 

Together, these cells layered on the Providence map form a fragmented cityscape that is varied and multi-sensory.

Click here to see the site live!

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