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How the Environment Impact our Mind?

The dynamic connection between space and our emotional and interactive responses to it is a profound consideration. As a designer, my perspective extends beyond the mere acknowledgment of space; it encompasses the endeavor to elevate it into a visually compelling form. Despite the omnipresence of designed environments in our daily lives, we often overlook the intentional nature of the spaces we inhabit or traverse regularly.


My personal association with this concept stems from a keen awareness of the impact of our surroundings on our well-being.

I believe in the transformative power of a thoughtfully designed space—one that not only meets the criteria of comfort but also serves as treatment to our daily presence.

Key Factors

My Exploration

In today's fast-paced society, the need for well-crafted spaces becomes increasingly critical. Whether at home or in public spaces, urban or natural, the request for spaces to be not only comfortable but also meditating and enriching the mind. 


The project explores and reinterprets physical spaces in New York and Providence and the physical and metal needs of the environment.

A 30-day continuous sketchbook.

Making detailed and rough sketches around New York and Providence.

Experiencing living spaces and public spaces, urban and natural.

Transforming into digital compositions.

Experimenting with color, scale, object & material.

Rendered and 3D printed objects.

Shapes extracted from the transformation process.

Revise and reinvestigate — look for new opportunities to bring it back to the three dimensional world to function as candles that creates a calming sense of space.

Stay tuned for progress in branding and packaging design!

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